Sheriff's Academy

Zero Dark Early at Parris Island

C17 ​Jump seat

At The Pentagon 

Joint Chiefs/DOD Reception DC 

B&N Book Signing

Crime Expert Discovery#1 Forensic Series

Gallery Signing

Sniper practice at Ft. Bragg/USASOC Army Ranger course NC

13th Annual Final Draft Awards

At The Pentagon

An Evening with Clint Eastwood

Gen. Mulholland-USASOC

Evac Extraction at Ft. Bragg-USASOC

Morton Downey Jr. Bio

In the Trivia World

Sons of Anarchy Gang

Consulting/Actor on film, The Pendulum

​ParrisIsland Obstacle Course

At The Oscars

​Oscar-Winning Director Alexander Payne

WGA Foundation Veterans Prog.

​On the Red Carpet

​​KYLE C. FITZHARRIS​ - An American Best-Selling Author, Screenwriter, & Ghostwriter

SOA, True Blood, Titanic Actors