Kyle C. Fitzharris is not only a Best-Selling Author & Screenwriter, but offers Ghostwriting services. He has written non-fiction biographies, fiction, & other novels for Hollywood celebrities, CEO's, politicians, military and those clients that have a story that must be told.  *(SEE GHOSTWRITING VIDEO ON INTERVIEWS​ & FILM PAGES)

He is a National Library Association Keynote Speaker, teaches Harvard-Espionage & Thriller Writing Courses and seminars at their extension facilities in Los Angeles, is a World Affairs Council #1 Keynote Speaker, and consults for writers & authors on publishing & how to reach a vast audience for that elusive "Best-Selling" statusFor more information about writing & Ghostwriting services click the CONTACT button above to fill out the short form​.

​​KYLE C. FITZHARRIS​ - An American Best-Selling Author, Screenwriter, & Ghostwriter