​​KYLE C. FITZHARRIS​ - An American Best-Selling Author, Screenwriter, & Ghostwriter

​​Meet Best-Selling Author Kyle C. Fitzharris

Skip Shot is the latest thriller from best-selling author Kyle C. Fitzharris. On a remote plateau above the prairies of Wyoming, Will Pierce, a former FBI Special Agent, now small town sheriff, discovers a mysterious clue to a secret Thrill-Kill society. Now he must hunt down Gaius, the world’s most deadly sniper, before the assassin can take his greatest shot to change the course of world politics.

​​“Once again Fitzharris brings real world experience to life in his new thriller, Skip Shot - it will keep you on the edge of your seat with your head down safely away from a sniper’s clean shot!”- Bob Hamer, Veteran FBI Undercover Agent & Co-Author with Lt. Col. Oliver North of the Best-Selling, American Heroes on the Homefront and Counterfeit Lies